Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr.
Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr.Senior Pastor
Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr. accepted the call to be Pastor of the Church of the Open Door in November 1995. He has been in the ministry for over 40 years. He was a Pastor in West Virginia for 12 years and was the Pastor of the Ridgewood Baptist Church in Joliet, Illinois for 5 years prior to his move to Westminster. He is a member of the Executive Board for The Sword of the Lord. Dr. Belcher currently resides in Westminster, Maryland with his wife Karen. They have three children and eight grandchildren.
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John CampbellSenior Adult Pastor
Dr. John Campbell, the Senior Adult Pastor, has been with the Church for over 25 years. He leads the Sunday school program and the Super Sixties – the Church’s senior adult ministry with over 800 senior adults participating. Dr. Campbell teaches the Royal Blue Sunday School Class.
Rev. Joshua Belcher
Rev. Joshua BelcherYouth Pastor
Rev. Joshua Belcher leads an aggressive and dynamic youth program. He oversees 3 Teen Sunday Schools and 2 “drive-in” teens’ classes during the second Church service. During the week he directs an after school Soul Winning class followed by student visitation. He directs a Teen Church on Wednesday evenings and on Thursday he conducts a chapel service for the Carroll Christian Schools.
Dr. Rick Holbrook
Dr. Rick HolbrookPastoral Care
Dr. Rick Holbrook came to the Church of the Open Door in 1980. In 1985 the Lord called him to be a missionary, but in 2003 he returned to become the Bus Pastor. He is now the Pastoral Care Pastor which includes visiting and praying with those who are having surgery, are hospitalized or recovering from illness, and all new members of the church. Dr. Holbrook teaches the Auditorium Bible Class and is the Director of the Reformers Unanimous Program which ministers to those struggling with various addictions.
Rev. Christopher Carabell
Rev. Christopher CarabellYoung Married Couple's Pastor
Rev. Christopher Carabell teaches the “Generations Sunday School Class” each Sunday morning in the Great Room. Rev. Carabell also oversees the DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids programs for those families who are struggling with divorce. He is also in charge of the GriefShare program, which is a local church support group for those who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one.
Dr. Ray Shutt
Dr. Ray ShuttSoul-Winning/Visitation Pastor
Dr. Ray Shutt came to the Church of the Open Door in June 2011 as our new Soul-Winning/Visitation Pastor and Teacher of the Conqueror’s Sunday School Class after serving the Lord in a local Church ministry in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since 1987. Pastor Shutt accepted Christ as his Saviour in March 1975 as a 15-year-old young man and is a product of the Bus Ministry. In December 1978, he answered God’s call to preach and began serving the Lord preaching in Rest Homes, Missions, Youth Churches, and teaching Sunday School. He has preached in churches in the USA as well as in other countries. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree through Emmanuel Baptist University in May 1999 and has faithfully served in various Church ministries as a Sunday School Teacher, Junior/Youth Church preacher, Bus Captain, Bus Director, Associate Pastor, Minister of Evangelism, Christian Radio Station Operator, Web Servant, and also as an A.C.E. Christian School Supervisor and Principal. Pastor Shutt loves the souls of men, women, boys, and girls and is a personal Soul-Winner. He leads and directs our Soul-Winners Club here at Church of the Open Door and teaches the Conqueror’s Sunday School Class. He as also oversees the “New Converts In Christ Class” program for those who have recently received Jesus Christ as their Saviour. He and his wife, Lisa, have been married since 1981 and have two children and five grandchildren.
Dr. Todd Comstock, Sr.
Dr. Todd Comstock, Sr.Pastor of Spanish Ministry Outreach
Dr. Todd Comstock, Sr. came to the Church of the Open Door in 1979. In 1982 the Lord called him to be a missionary in Bolivia, South America. There he served the Lord as a church planter among the Ese Ejja people until 2004. After that time, he moved to the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia to assisted in local church development in the city as well as in the different tribal works. He served in the leadership of the mission organization until 2009 at which time the Lord called him back to Westminster, MD to serve him in starting a Hispanic church ministry.

¿Qué le pasaría si…?

Pastor Todd “Tomas” Comstock llegó a hacer miembro de la Iglesia de la Puerta Abierta en 1979. En el año 1982, el Señor lo llamó a ser misionero a Bolivia, América del Sur. Allí sirvió al Señor estableciendo iglesias en los pueblos Ese Ejja hasta el año 2004. Después de ese tiempo, se trasladó a la ciudad de Cochabamba, Bolivia para asistir en el desarrollo de unas iglesias locales en la ciudad y apoyar a los misioneros en establecer iglesias en las obras con grupos étnicos. También era parte del liderazgo de la misión hasta el año 2009. Después de eso, el Señor lo llamó a regresar a Westminster, MD para servirle en establecer un ministerio hispano.

Rev. Brian Jung
Rev. Brian JungPastor of Music
Rev. Brian Jung, the Music Pastor, oversees a program offering music that is at the same time Biblical, Christ-honoring, dynamic, and emotionally engaging for all church services. Pastor Jung first came to the Church of the Open Door as a lost college student and avowed agnostic on March 24, 2002. The occasion was the church’s annual presentation of “The Living Cross”—a dramatic portrayal of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. A seed was planted in his heart that night, and he accepted Christ as Savior four weeks later. In July of 2003 he surrendered his life to God for full-time ministry. After teaching music at Carroll Christian Schools for two years, Pastor Jung became the Music Pastor in August of 2009. In addition to leading the Church Choir and Orchestra in weekly services, he enjoys the privilege of overseeing “The Living Cross”. This presentation features the Choir and Orchestra of the Church of the Open Door, as well as a dramatic cast and production staff. Of the approximately 300 people required to present and support “The Living Cross”, all are members of the Church. The Choir and Orchestra also present a well-attended Christmas Cantata. Both presentations are used as vehicles to present the Gospel to the lost and see many souls saved each year. Pastor Jung oversees the CD/Tape ministry as well as our live online video streaming and archiving of church services. He also continues as Band Director for Carroll Christian Schools. Pastor Jung’s wife, Eunice, also serves as one of the church pianists. The Jungs have been married since June of 2005. In December of 2012, God blessed them with a daughter, Renee Cristi.
Dr. Dennis Atkinson
Dr. Dennis AtkinsonBus and Children's Ministry Pastor
Dr. Dennis Atkinson and his wife Patricia were saved on June 17, 1973, after being invited to an evening church service. It was a night which changed their lives forever! They attended Bible College several years later where he graduated with a B.S. in Missions. Over the next 15 years, he obtained a Master and Doctorate in Theology and continued education in the area of Children’s Ministries. Dr. Atkinson has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and has served in many various positions of Pastoral, Youth, Missionary, and Bible College duties. He served here at Church of the Open Door for eleven years as an Associate Pastor before leaving to pastor another church. He now serves here again at Church of the Open Door as our Bus and Children’s Ministry Pastor. Dr. Atkinson is the author of three children’s books: “The Big Hike”, “Trip of a Lifetime”, and “Broad Mountain”. All three are published by the Sword of the Lord in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He has also published two children’s tracts: “How to Get To Heaven”, and the tract booklet entitled “The Purpose of Baptism”. Both have been used throughout the United States as well as in 10 foreign countries. Dr. Atkinson has conducted several training conferences for children’s workers all throughout the United States. Dr. Atkinson and his wife, Patricia, currently reside in Pennsylvania and have three children and five grandchildren.
Rev Aaron Fuchs
Rev Aaron FuchsCollege & Career Pastor
Rev Aaron Fuchs was called to be a missionary in Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines, where he and his family started Open Door Baptist Church. In 2017 he returned to Church of the Open Door where he now serves as the IT specialist and oversees the College and Career Sunday School. He is also the Business Manager of the Carroll Christian Schools.