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2014 "The Turning Again of Peter"

- 4/6/2014

Throughout the pages of the Bible, God offers us many personalities from which we can learn. Rather than presenting sinless saints, the Scriptures tell us of real people who had real flaws. Because we can see these people for what they truly were, we can identify with them, share in their trials, sympathize with their heartbreaks, learn from their mistakes, and be encouraged by God’s willingness to use people who were no more perfect than we are to accomplish His will.

Peter is a prime example of this principle. Tonight, we will see Peter struggle with things he does not understand and take a great fall. How will he recover? What will he learn? Jesus will have the answers. When Peter will not accept those answers, the Lord’s actions will speak louder even louder than His words. Listen to the words the choir sings tonight as they amplify Christ’s answer to Peter. May we all learn—and embrace—the lesson that Peter learned, and allow it to change our lives.

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