Living Cross 2024 - "The Resurrection and the Life"

Thank you for your interest in the Living Cross!

Please understand that participation in the Living Cross is a privilege reserved for active, regularly attending members of the Church of the Open Door. That means weekly attendance of more than one service and regular attendance of a Sunday School class.

Membership requirements for children and teens are a little different.

Teen Participants (aged 13 through 17) must either:

  • Be a member of Church of the Open Door AND have parent/guardian permission to participate, OR
  • Have a parent or guardian that is a member AND the parent or guardian must be involved in some aspect of the Living Cross ministry.

Child Participants (12 years of age and under), regardless of membership status, must:

  • Be registered by a parent/guardian that is a member of Church of the Open Door, AND
  • Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other approved adult at ALL practices and DURING ALL presentations.

 Child Care

  • Child care WILL NOT be available during any rehearsals including Dress Rehearsals with the choir/orchestra.
  • Child care will be provided during the four presentation nights; however:
  • A parent/guardian or approved adult from each family must agree to help with child care at least one night during the presentation in order for your child to participate.
  • You are responsible for your child prior to each evening presentation to help them with their makeup and costume and you or a responsible person you assigned are required to be at the cast meeting prior to each presentation.

Full cast attendance at rehearsals is essential to producing a well-prepared and SAFE presentation. This is true for those with speaking roles and for those in the crowd without lines. Some of the most difficult and important preparation for The Living Cross is the work done with crowd blocking and movement. Full attendance at all crowd rehearsals is essential not only for you to learn your role as a cast member—it helps the directors to accomplish their goals and it makes for smoother, quicker rehearsals. We will do our best to avoid scheduling conflicts, but you will be responsible to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Plan to leave Saturday afternoon February 17 (2:00pm to 5:00pm) and Saturday mornings (9:00 am to 12:00 pm) free from February 24 thru March 9. Those with speaking roles should plan to rehearse in the Great Room on Sunday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. You may not need to be present for all of the rehearsals, or for the full rehearsal; however, prior to assignment of roles we cannot be more specific. Dress rehearsals are on March 12 and March 18 at 6:30 pm. If you are unsure you can meet this obligation but would still like to participate, please speak with Pastor Jung before registering.

The Living Cross is an opportunity for Christians to serve and grow together in the Lord. For that reason, all cast and crew are expected to conduct themselves with a Christ-like spirit of service. We are here to share the Gospel and to grow together in service to the Savior. Any instance of disrespectful or abusive behavior towards any person, or other behavior that undermines a nurturing Christian environment, constitute grounds for removal from service in the presentation.

Please help care for and love one another in the Lord!   

Pastor Brian Jung

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