From My Heart

    Karen and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful celebration of 25 years last Sunday.  Our hearts were overwhelmed the entire day. I am so glad Dr. Smith was able to be here with us, and I thought he did a masterful job with the message he brought.  And, of course, all of you know what Dr. Glenn Mathews means to me!  Those two men being here to help celebrate my anniversary made the day something I will never forget!

     We also want to thank you for all the cards, and especially the sweet and kind words inside those cards.  For quite a while on Sunday evening I sat and read cards and notes that brought back some great memories from years gone by. In just a short time, I began to rejoice as I realized we will all soon be gathered, as one, around the Throne of God, singing, “Worthy is the Lamb.”  Again, thank you church for a wonderful day that blessed my heart beyond measure.

     We have many people who were once a part of our church, who now live out of our area, but they still consider Church of the Open Door their church.  These folks watch our services on the church website or on our Facebook page.  And several of these folks contacted me on Sunday and sent along their words of congratulations.  The live stream and then the ability to bank those services so they can be played back at a later date - is a great tool for our church to keep in touch with folks everywhere.  All in all, it was a wonderful day, and I am so appreciative of everything that was done!

     There are multitudes of people across this country in shock at the way it appears the election turned out.  There are many things that need to be said about this issue.  First, the media does not announce the next President of the United States.  There are many states in the country, where the results of the election are still not known. So, for CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, NBC, and ABC to call the election for Biden was all a psychological effort to make us lay down and be good little boys and girls.

     The media had no problem back in 2000 when Al Gore took the State of Florida to court, and the nation was held hostage for weeks as we had to constantly hear about “hanging chads,” and “dimpled chads,” and we were subjected to folks holding up ballots to try to determine the “intent” of the voter.  But now that there is more than enough evidence that the Dems cheated - they are having a fit that Trump and the Republicans are questioning the results.

     Trump's team of lawyers have been on the news programs saying the campaign has more than ample evidence to prove fraud.  We went to bed on Nov. 3, with it looking like Trump would win reelection in a landslide.  Several of the key States called for a halt to counting the ballots, and then when we awoke the next morning, Biden was miraculously up in all of these states, by just enough votes to put him ahead of Trump.  It was a miracle!

     Well, we will see! The Republican Party and the White House are all challenging the results of this election. The media doesn't call the race for the Presidency - the States do! I am not giving up yet! We need to pray for God to intervene here and uncover this massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people. Pray for America!          

                                                                                                                                            Pastor Norris


THANK YOU:  Dear Church Family, We want to thank our church family for the beautiful Get Well cards and prayers offered up for Gil and me. We are slowly improving. Gil is facing more tests and I am still going thru therapy but God is so good. We love you all and thank you for all your prayers. Love in Christ, Gil and Nancy Connolly

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS:  If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in memory or honor of a family member or friend the forms are on the table in the foyer.  Please put the completed form and check in the offering plate.  You may also place your order by clicking on the picture of the poinsettia on the church website and following the link. Last day to order is Sunday, December 6. 

ROYAL BLUE CLASS VISITATION:  Monday, November 23, the Royal Blue Class will meet at the church at 10:00 a.m. for visitation. Please remember to wear a mask. 

COD/CCS OFFICES:  The church/school offices will be closed November 26 and 27. 

ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING:  The church annual business meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 2, at 8:30 pm. 

SOUL-WINNER’S CLUB:  Beginning on Tuesday evening, January 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm we will begin our next “Virtual” session of 'The Soul-Winner's Club' training program at Church of the Open Door. ZOOM is FREE for everyone to use, but in order to attend 'The Soul-Winner's Club' training classes, you MUST REGISTER here on our church website. We will then send you an Invitation each week with the link to connect you to each ZOOM class. These Soul-Winner's Club training classes are FREE to attend, but there will be a one-time charge for the training materials which will be discussed in our first orientation meeting. If you have any questions or concerns about the class, please feel free to contact our Soul-Winning and Visitation Pastor, Ray Shutt, at (410) 876-3838, extension 311 or email him at

Wednesday Prayer Bulletin

November 18, 2020

Shirley Dell - CHC Room #321S
Becky Rill - GBMC Room #4512
Dolly Wunder - St. Joseph Hospital Room #539B

Pastor Paul Chapman
Curtis Corner Baptist Church
591 Curtis Corner Rd.
Wakefield, RI 02879 

Pastor Chris Carabell, Young Married/Children/Bus Pastor  

Tammy Comstock, Church Secretary

  Megan Myers, Elementary Aid

Jeremy Goodwin, Carroll Community College

 Aaron & Nicole Shipe, Tanzania
     Pray:  -as they continue to learn the Datooga culture and language.
   - for the church they are planting in the city of Babati.

Bob Fitz, 2395 Mount Ventus Road, #2 , Manchester, MD 21102

Jessica Higgs, Navy

Linda Lieb, Driver, Taneytown Route

David & Christine Bish, 4 yr/Kindergarten

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