From My Heart

     APRIL 5, 2020
     I imagine word has gotten out that Pastor Brian and I have decided to cancel this year's Living Cross.  I just don't think with all the spring activities, if things are re-opened in May, that we can juggle everything and make everything work.  If we can get back to some semblance of normalcy, we have several end of school activities we have to get done!  One of those things is graduation for our seniors.  Had this thing ended in the original two weeks, we probably could have done the Living Cross!  But, now it looks like we would be into June or July before we could do it!  And that simply will not work.  An Easter program in the middle of the summer is probably not going to have the same impact as it would at Easter!  So, we will save this new Living Cross and work hard to do it next Easter.
     As you may be aware by now, we secured a P.O. Box at the Post Office in Westminster, to make sure the tithes and offerings you mail in to the church are safe and secure.  It is hard to tell when the new mailbox we ordered will come in and with the criminals "never letting a good crisis go to waste" we need a safe place for you to send your tithes into the church office!
     That new address is: P.O. Box 2517, Westminster, Md. 21158.  Please note the zip code has an 8 on the end, and not a 7.  If you will use that P. O. Box for now, we will all feel more at ease!  I remember a day when a church was considered off limits!  You would not dare commit a criminal act against a church!  But, as Paul says in Romans 3, "there is no fear of God before their eyes."  To think that someone would go through the mail of a church and steal envelopes that look like it could be a tithe just the lowest of the low!   I would be scared to death to do something against the House of God-but men do not fear God today!  Sad!  We will continue to swing by the church mailboxes and pick up the mail each day, but please use the new P. O. Box, immediately, while this quarantine thing is going on!
     Once again, thank you so much for tuning into the live stream, and for the many good comments you have shared.  I am becoming a little more comfortable preaching to an empty building!  When this is over, I am sure we will all appreciate the blessed privilege of being able to assemble ourselves together!
    Well, have a great day, and let's keep praying for the Lord to keep our entire church family safe and healthy.

    Pastor Norris


SYMPATHY: to David and Shirley Boteler at the passing of her father, Ralph Clevenger, on Monday, March 23, in Ivydale, West Virginia.  A graveside service was held on Sunday, March 29 in Hacker Valley, WV.

CONGRATULATIONS: to Tim and Lisa Watts at the birth of their twin grandsons on Friday, March 20; Finnley Kenneth Watts weighing 5 lb., 9 oz., 17.75 in. long and Tucker Timothy Watts weighing 6 lbs., 18.75 in. long. The proud parents are Brice and Kristi Watts. 


Wednesday Prayer Bulletin

April 1, 2020

Glenn Mathews
Phil Rill - Sinai Hospital

Gladys Preswood
Karen Skidmore

Pastor of the Week
Dr. Dale Kidd
Edgewood Baptist Church
3604 Ringgold Road
Chattanooga, TN 37412

COD Pastor of the Week
Dr. Rick Holbrook – Pastoral Care/Reformers

COD Staff of the Week
Charles Rudisill, Custodial

CCS Staff of the Week
Karen Parekh, 4 Year Old Preschool Aid

College Student of the Week
Abby Parekh, Bob Jones University

Missionary of the Week
Marie Lea-Wilson, Honduras
Pray for:  
  • Marlon and Bridgy Sierra as they take over the deaf ministry in El Progreso when Marie leaves to get married and serve in Romania.
  • Wedding plans
  • Deputation time beginning in the fall

Shut In of the Week
Irene McCartney, 3332 Main St. Room #138, Manchester, MD 21102

Service Person of the Week
SSGT. Caleb Hurley, Minot AFB, ND

Bus Worker of the Week
Mike Cooper, Captain, Bus Preparations

Sunday School Class of the Week
Mr. Andrew Mouring, Grades 9th, 10th and 11th

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