2024 Spring ZOOM Soul-Winner's Club Registration


All across our nation and around our world, there are many born again believers who desire to learn how to lead someone to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ but they have no one to teach them.

Church of the Open Door in Westminster, Maryland, an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church, has been training born again believers how to lead people to Jesus Christ for several decades, and now, we are making these same classes available to like-minded churches with a vision for winning souls to Jesus Christ LIVE each Tuesday evening through a 'Live' ZOOM Virtual on-line training class meeting.

As with our 'in-person classes' which are held here at Church of the Open Door every Wednesday evening, these virtual training classes are also being done 'LIVE' each week, but we are doing them for anyone outside of our church area through a FREE on-line virtual ZOOM class which runs from 7:00pm until 8:15pm EASTERN TIME each Tuesday evening for twelve weeks. Although these on-line ZOOM classes are FREE to attend, each attendee is required to purchase their own Soul-Winner's Club Trainee Kit so as to be able to follow along and to have all the information required while attending this class. The one-time-cost of each Soul-Winner's Club Trainee Kit is $29.00 (plus any applicable shipping costs).

If you wish to attend these ZOOM virtual training classes but live outside the state of Maryland or are not in the immediate vicinity of Church of the Open Door in Westminster, Maryland, and you do not yet own a Soul-Winner's Club Trainee Kit, you will need to order one directly from The Sword of the Lord Ministry either by calling their Customer Service phone line at 1-800-24-SWORD (1-800-247-9673) or you may visit The Sword of the Lord Website at swordofthelord.com and order your trainee kit there.

Once your order has been placed, The Sword of the Lord Ministry will then ship your kit directly to you.

Again, 'The Soul-Winner's Club' Trainee Kit is $29.00 (plus shipping) and is required to help you throughout the 12 weeks of The Soul-Winner's Club training program.

The ZOOM application is a FREE on-line tool that you will need in order to attend these virtual classes and can be easily downloaded to your computer, tablet, iPad, or phone from the ZOOM.us website.

In order to attend 'The Soul-Winner's Club' virtual training classes through ZOOM, EACH PERSON DESIRING TO TAKE THE CLASS MUST REGISTER ON-LINE SEPARATELY through our church website so that they will be able to receive a ZOOM Meeting Invitation each week with the appropriate link to connect them to each class. Therefore, please make sure you click on the   Next   icon below in the right corner of this page and register each person separately so you are able to receive your weekly ZOOM Meeting Invitation!

If you have any questions about these 'LIVE' on-line virtual Soul-Winner's Club training classes, please contact our Soul-Winning/Visitation Pastor, Ray Shutt either by e-mail at rshutt@opendoorchurch.org or you may call him at (410) 876-3838, extension 311.

We look forward to seeing you in class starting on Tuesday evening, April 2, 2024 at 7:00pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME!

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