Letter From Pastor

Dear Church Family,

     Even this will pass away! I know that cancelling church for a couple of Sunday's is a tremendous inconvenience. When the Executive order was announced on last Thursday, I began to wrestle with what to do! Some of my Pastor friends started to call to see what I was planning to do. One of the Pastors said he called the Gibbs Law Firm, and they pulled up the Governor's order, studied it, and then relayed their advice. They recommended we cancel all services and activities for the duration of the order. The argument was if we only had 10 people come to church, and yet one of those 10 were to get the virus and pass away- the media and the community would come after us with everything they have!

     I would never be able to forgive myself if someone came to church and the virus hit someone! This will impact the Living Cross, but once the threat is over, we will resume practice and set a date for us to have two performances. We will do the program on a Sunday and a Friday. The announcement about the Living Cross will be made once this threat is over!

     It is best for you to stay away from crowds of people, so please watch over the Live-Stream and check the Church website for updates. Please remember that we will still need 38 thousand dollars a week in the offering each week! You can mail that in to the Church office, drop it by the church if you are in the area, or you can give through the website. The staff will be working as usual, so someone will be at the church each day.

     This was a difficult decision, but when I read where there is a confirmed case right here in Westminster, I felt we had no other choice. Thank you for your understanding and please pray for our church family, our country and the leadership of our State and nation. I will go in at 10:45 Sunday morning, at 6:00 on Sunday evening, and at 7:00 on Wednesday! We will make the best of this emergency, and "even this will pass away!

Pastor Norris