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2018 "The Choice"

- 3/25/2018

The Choice is a story which involves the lives of two men – centurions of the Roman army. Two lives touched by the ministry of Jesus. Two souls affected, not for just a moment, but for all eternity. They are mentioned only briefly in the scriptures – not even by name. We are acquainted with no more than what we are given, but it is enough to understand their hearts. These divine appointments with Jesus can be found in the gospel according to Luke, and we present these encounters to you as scripturally accurate.
Making no claim that they knew one another, we bring these two men together for a single purpose – to characterize the struggle within one’s heart when presented with the truth of Jesus. Flesh - lured by the world and the father of lies, wages battle against spirit - drawn to the very God of Truth. The eternal destination of one’s soul rests on the outcome of this inevitable encounter. A choice must be made. Beyond the horizon lies eternity; before its dawn awakens, you too must choose.
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