Sunday Bulletin February 14, 2021

Order of Service

10:45 AM

6:00 PM

10:45 AM

HYMN:  Isn’t the Love of Jesus Something Wonderful! (217)

HYMN:  Farther Along (556)

SPECIAL MUSIC:  Cheryl Milholland & Darlene Beard

Message By:  Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr.

6:00 PM

 Hymn:  Love Lifted Me (211)

 Hymn:  The Eastern Gate (535)

 Special Music:  Fran Jones

 Message By:  Dr. Norris E. Belcher, Jr.


SYMPATHY:  to Andrew, Veronica and Matthew Mouring at the passing of their father/grandfather, Carroll Mouring, on Thursday, February 4.  The funeral was held in Jarrettsville, Maryland.

SYMPATHY:  to Skip Neubeck at the passing of his aunt, Margaret Mazurek, on Tuesday, January 12.  The funeral service was private.

SYMPATHY:  to Jeff and Donna Petry at the passing of his brother, Sam Petry, on Saturday, February 6.  The viewing will be held at Pritts Funeral Home in Westminster on Tuesday, February 16 from 2:00-4:00 pm and 6:00-8:00 pm.  The funeral service on Wednesday, February 17 at 10:00 am is private but can be viewed at

THANK YOU:  To our Church family.  We want to thank you all for the prayers, phone calls, and cards sent to us during the recent home going of my Mother, H. Elsie (Singer) Zumbrun.  And thank you for all of the prayers during my recent illness.  It is great to have a Church with so many prayer warriors – GOD bless each of you. Sincerely, Donald and Lynn Graf

ROYAL BLUE CLASS VISITATION:  Monday, February 15, the Royal Blue Class will meet at the church at 10:00 a.m. for visitation.  Please remember to wear a mask.

COD/CCS OFFICES:  The church/school offices will be closed Monday, February 15 in honor of Presidents Day.

From My Heart

     The weather simply does not want to cooperate with us - as every Sunday it seems we have a snowstorm of some significance.  Those guys with the long coats, tall hats, and dress ties should have let that groundhog stay asleep!  You know I don't believe in that foolishness; I am just being a little sarcastic.  Between COVID-19 and the weather, we are finding things to be quite difficult concerning church. Hopefully things will soon get better on both fronts.

     I read an interesting article this week about how several archaeology finds have proven the Bible's record on the flood and many other Bible facts to be true.  Let me share one example with you. Dr. J. C. Whitcomb wrote a commentary on the Book of Daniel, in 1985, and spoke about how the scoffers and critics railed on the Bible saying that King Belshazzar of Babylon offered the position of “third-highest” rank in the kingdom to anyone who could interpret the miraculous handwriting on the wall (Daniel 5:7, 16).

     He said these critics used Genesis 41:37-45, to say that while the Children of Israel were in Egypt, Joseph was promoted to the “second highest” position, just under the Pharaoh who was the highest!  Their question in order to discredit the Bible was, “Joseph was given the second highest position in Egypt, so why was Daniel only promised “third highest” in the Babylonian kingdom?  This criticism of the Bible went on for centuries, with the doubters saying, “See, this was an error in Daniel 5.  This shows the world the Bible is not trustworthy.”

     But then, in 1924, thanks to archaeology, ancient Babylonian records were uncovered in the ruins of the ancient city.  These records showed that King Belshazzar's father, King Nabonidus, decreed his son as “regent.” The term regent means, “co-king.”  It turns out, as some other discovered tablets revealed, that King Nabonidus did not like being confined to Babylon!  He was unhappy when confined to the city and all the demands of being a ruler.  He wanted to explore, to see new lands, and expand his horizons - so he agreed with his son, Belshazzar, that whenever he was away, Belshazzar would rule the kingdom.  Out of respect for his living father, Nabonidus was “first” in the kingdom, Belshazzar was “second,” and when Daniel was the only man who could interpret the handwriting on the wall, he was promoted to “third.”

     The Bible can withstand any scrutiny it is given and will always reveal itself as true.   All over the world the remains of the Wooly Mammoth have been found.  There are many people in Alaska who travel the rivers each summer just to gather bones and tusks from their remains which have been exposed due to erosion.  What destroyed this huge number of Mammoths?  The evolutionists would have us believe an asteroid killed them suddenly! Not even remotely possible!  They died in the great flood of Noah's day!  A world-wide, universal, total-destruction of every living thing flood that buried everything that was not inside Noah's Ark.  The Bible is the Word of God and can be trusted in all matters!!


Greg Allen - CHC Rm 205S

Bill Bartlett - Charleston, WV

Lillie Byrd - York Hospital Rm 315

Han Ting Huang - Hong Kong

Rebecca Kibler - Northwest Hospital ICU

Linda Lawson - Johns Hopkins ICU Rm 58B

Myrtle Martin - CHC Rm 301W

Brenda Mehdi - CHC Rm 215S

Anthony (Bud) Schuiling- Harbor Hospital ICU

Caleb Wike - Johns Hopkins - Rm 35B